Monday, September 12, 2005

NYTimes Article On Latest NOLA Recovery Efforts

From today's NYTimes:

[FEMA] sending 600 public works laborers to the city, is instead focused on draining the floodwaters, repairing the water system and getting the sewage system operating. Entergy is trying to restore electricity to the drier areas … the Army Corps of Engineers estimates that the city will be drained in another month … officials hoped to get the water system running citywide in 90 days … assuming that thousands of houses will have to be bulldozed … houses can be raised according to the level of risk … Louisiana’s highways need $1.3 billion in repairs (maybe) … future floods could best be deterred through landscape restoration and engineering … "The French Quarter, Algiers and the St. Charles Avenue corridor - all those big houses, all the things the tourists want to see - they’re all still in place."

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